What do you need to be successful on social media?

🥇 Social media has, in the last 15 years, taken over the way businesses look at marketing. With that in mind, you need to make sure that you, or somebody you hire, knows exactly what’s going on with your social media presence, on which platforms your should be, how many times a week you should be posting, but most importantly, who are you marketing to on social media?


✅ Here are five tips that you can follow to win on social media:

1️⃣ Post valuable content

👉 If you are just going to post to get it over and done with, your audience will not engage or interact and you will most probably lose your (potential) customers before you even had them.

👉 Post content that is relevant to your target market, and that they will find value in. A simple, practical tool to do this is to think of educating your audience. Just help people. And they will value you for it.


2️⃣ Be human.

👉 Most of the time, businesses post without thinking about their customers or the audience that will see the post. Another massive mistake is to schedule a post, and then after it’s posted, think that that is all you have to do. If you interact with your audience, they will most probably be way more interactive, they will like your business more and they are also much more likely to actually support your business.

Show your audience that there is a person behind the screen.


3️⃣ Seek relationships.

👉 If you are just after followers, leave social media now. Just kidding, but don’t be like that. People want people. If you are just following or liking to get the same treatment back, it’s not going to work long term.

👉 Be sure to comment, tag, and like other people’s posts and stories. There is nothing like a nice comment on a video or an incentive that you saw a post and expressed your emotion towards it. Over time, you will make “online friends” and you will find that these relationships are extremely valuable.


4️⃣ Schedule, schedule, schedule.

👉 Life happens. But we can’t allow it to get in the way of our social media growth. This is serious stuff. We need to take our consistency on the social seriously, otherwise, we will never grow.

👉 Using a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite can really help you excel at your social media game.


5️⃣ Piggyback on trending posts.

👉 Is everyone talking about the Tinder Swindler? Maybe share a story about how you were swindled once, or if you are an accounting or financial services firm, give concrete advice on how you can be sure to keep yourself out of said situations. Is everyone freaking out about reels? Have some fun and make some of your own.

👉 As I always tell my clients, social media growth does not happen overnight. But if you stay consistent, anything is possible. Make sure to follow these tips and you will be able to grow on social media.